Rhianna Pratchett is Not Working on Mirror’s Edge 2

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Rhianna Pratchett is known for her work on both the Mass Effect series and the original Mirror’s Edge, now that the word is out of a Mirror’s Edge sequel, this has led many fans to wonder if she was working on the sequel in some capacity. Pratchett actually responded to a fan’s cries on twitter regarding the manner, saying:

She elaborated on the entire debacle, making a comparison to the original Mass Effect, claiming that the development of the game itself was askew:

Finally, she gave her blessing towards the new team that is working on the sequel:

Things get even more interesting when she pointed out that the original Mirror’s Edge was partially designed before she was even brought on board. Coming from this, her input into the game and the dialogue itself was severely limited. She even pointed out that the script was altered in the latter half of development, and in a way that she did not foresee.

While it’s unfortunate to see talent getting panned due to the game already being developed to some extent, it is relieving to see a developer care so much about a title. On the other hand, seeing people who don’t care about/play/like games be involved with their development is even more unfortunate and worrying. In this case, I’m referring to Anita Sarkeesian and how she’s involved with Mirror’s Edge 2, while she’s publicly stated that she doesn’t like or play video games.

The new Mirror’s Edge game is set for release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. EA claims that the sequel/prequel will reboot the franchise for the next generation, and that it will deliver an all-new origin story surrounding the main character, Faith.

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