Over Three Million Xbox One Consoles Were Sold Last Year

three million xbox one consoles

Microsoft have announced that over three million Xbox One consoles have been sold between the system’s launch and the end of last year.

This is definitely a larger number than the last report from Sony’s Playstation 4 numbers, which were sitting at 2.1 million units sold – although that number is from December 3rd. Clearly, Sony is going to have to reveal their current hardware sales to quiet down the sales talk.

There have been various discrepancies between both hardware camps, however, with Microsoft frequently saying the Xbox One was sold out, while people could still find it at certain retailers. There also is the fact that the Playstation 4 sold over a hundred thousand more units than the Xbox One in the United Kingdom, a region previously dominated by the Xbox 360.

Regardless of which console is selling better than the other, it’s definitely uplifting to know both consoles are selling like hotcakes. The Wii U on the other hand – it has seen better days. Despite Sony’s expected incoming sales announcement, Microsoft confirmed they won’t be posting an update until their next earnings announcement, which is on January 23rd.

Brandon Orselli


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