Nidhogg is Coming to Steam on January 13th

nidhogg ss 1

Nidhogg is an award winning game by Messhof, an indie game developer spearheaded by Mark Essen. Don’t let the game’s simplistic visuals deceive you, beneath it’s Atari-esque pixels lies an incredibly deep combat system involving dueling with swords and hand to hand combat.

There’s a ton of different environments to slay your enemies in, including mines, castles, wilds and even clouds! Nidhogg was shown off at EVO last year, to which fans praised the various in game abilities like crawling, dive kicking, wall jumping, rolling under enemies, and even snapping the necks of your foes via hand to hand combat.

You can view the Steam announcement trailer below:

Despite the game earning its original award back in 2010, it still receives awards to this date. Coming from this, Nidhogg recently won several awards, including the Game Design Award from Indiecade 2013 and the Excellence in Design Award at the Independent Games Festival 2011.

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