This RPG is Bare Bones, and That’s a Good Thing

ernesto ss 1

Daniel Benmergui published a role-playing game that is very different from the games within the genre that you and I have played in recent memory – it lacks pretty much all of the content that makes most RPGs so damn long!

Ernesto: A Quick RPG is just that – it’s literally an RPG that has you traversing across a board world that has no text, no speech, no loading screens, and no grinding! Your goal is to reach the end of each level, eventually leading you to the Dungeon God.

The various things you can encounter in your travels are gold coins, enemies, med kits, chests of gold, and various tools that help you in a myriad of situations, whether it be curing ailment or disarming a trap.

There is the total random factor to Ernesto, such as the traps that are marked as question marks. Naturally, this proposes an element of chance that may dissuade RPG fans from trying this game out, but overall it’s definitely meant to be played in short bursts.

You can check out Ernesto: A Quick RPG here for free, via Kongregate.

Brandon Orselli


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