Astaroth, Nightmare and Pyrrha are Confirmed for Soul Calibur: Lost Swords

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Namco Bandai has confirmed Astaroth, Nightmare and Pyrrha for their upcoming free to play Soul Calibur game, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords.

Nightmare is the main antagonist of the Soul series. He is the living incarnation of the cursed sword, Soul Edge, the objective of most other characters in the story. Under the sword’s control, he perpetually hunts souls in an attempt to satisfy its evil hunger. He possesses an intense power and performs tough and instantaneous attacks.

Pyrrha is a young nomadic girl who was abducted as a child by minions of Soul Edge. Though she dislikes fighting, she exhibits surprising strength and defense when the odds are against her. Unbeknownst to her, she holds the innate ability to be the next vessel for the evil sword. Her excellent skills with a shield provide her with standout defense and her counter-attack stance proves useful while dodging an opponent’s attacks.

Astaroth is a golem warrior created by the High Priest Kunpaetku of the cult Fygul Cestemus for the purpose of seizing the evil sword, Soul Edge. His existence comprises solely of instinctual destruction and slaughter. He is specialized in long-range attacks with his broad axe. He also possesses a tremendous ramming attack, as well as throws that maintain his superiority in battle.

Namco Bandai also showed off trailers for each of the aforementioned characters.

You can view all of the new trailers below:




Soul Calibur: Lost Swords is set for a worldwide release sometime next year.

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