New Details for Tales of Zestiria’s Main Characters

Namco Bandai have revealed some concrete information regarding the two main characters for Tales of Zestiria, their recently announced Tales game set for PS3.

The new information comes via this week’s issue of Jump magazine, which you can see a scan of below:

tales of zestiria jump magazine

Slay is described as a young boy with a warm heart who is always thinking optimistically. Sometimes he’s described as a little too kind or thoughtful, though. He’s naturally interested in all the ancient ruins scattered throughout the world. His preferred weapon is a ceremonial sword.

Alicia is a princess who definitely doesn’t let her title get in the way of behaving how she wants to. She speaks in a very formal and masculine tone. She initially only wishes to rid her hometown of unsightliness, but she is unable to ignore the problems of the world no longer. She sets out on a journey to help with the disasters and wars that have arisen. Her weapon of choice is a spear.

Tales of Zestiria was only confirmed last week, but it’s already set for a worldwide release.

Brandon Orselli


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