First Details and Screenshots for Bravely Second

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Square Enix has given us a first look at Bravely Second with some new information and screenshots.

The game was announced via Jump magazine, and is currently in development for the 3DS. A release date is not confirmed, but its official website is now open. You can view that here.

Here’s the new info dump:


The story’s takes place in Luxendarc. The events within Bravely Second happen several years after the Warriors of Light saved the world from its doom.

Magic University Town Istantarl

The university town was built within the Nadarakes continent under the guidance of the Lakrika prime minister. Teachers and students from around the world gather there every day, exchanging knowledge about all kinds of topics. Naturally, this university is particularly adept with the study of magic, so it has garnered the nickname “Magic University Town.” Due to the hard work of magic teachers, a new form of magic has been developed, branching off from traditions.

New Character: Devil King Buster Magnolia Arch

Magnolia is a women shrouded in mystery, she calls herself the “Devil Buster who came from the moon.” Her age is not known, and she appears randomly at random times, and naturally she has a reckless attitude. Supposedly, she is the last survivor of the moon nation, that is according to the Devil King at least.

Magnolia is quite talkative, but eccentric. She is described as delicate, but with a big heart, realistic, but also a romanticist. She is beautiful, hiding certain characteristics, but she also has fearsome combat skills, as she rescued Tiz Oria.

Check out the first screenshots and art below:

bravely second ss 1 bravely second logo bravely second art 2 bravely second art 1 bravely second 2

Bravely Default will be shown at Jump Festa, which takes place between December 21st to the 22nd. The game won’t be playable (naturally) as it is still early within development, but it will get a new trailer.

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