Elliot Quest is a Pixelated Story of Redemption, Inspired by Zelda II

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Zelda II is a game that is misunderstood by some people as it was a pretty big departure for the series at the time of its release. I personally loved it, and have many fond memories playing it with my dad. The game featured lots of hidden stuff, but introduced a lot of new stuff like experience points, multiple lives, and platform style side-scrolling.

Elliot Quest is a kickstarter funded game that seeks to recapture that magic, by putting you in the shoes of Elliot. Unlike most games that penalize you for running out of health, Elliot Quest features a protagonist who is cursed, and is slowly having his vitality drained by a demon called a Satar. After Elliot’s wife disappears, he becomes sick and attempts to take his own life, only to find out he is cursed. He then sets out to find one of the island’s Guardians, who can hopefully cure his curse.

You can view their kickstarter trailer below:

The game will have you exploring an overworld just like Zelda II, exploring lots of dungeons, fighting over a dozen bosses, and of course – finding tons of treasure. One of my favorite things about Zelda II was the progression that was tied to finding various abilities, items, or spells. Elliot Quest definitely channels this as well, early on you’ll enter a cave that is too dark to see in, which requires you buying a candle.

Elliot Quest is being developed by Ansimuz Games, which is primarily made up of indies from Mexico, the USA and Canada as well. The game is already over 70% percent complete, but they need the extra funding to help finish the game and really flesh it out. You can even play it right now, in your browser!

If Elliot Quest seems like something to fund, head on over to their kickstarter and throw your money!

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