Actual Sunlight Might Make You Actually Kill Yourself

actual sunlight ss 1

There’s a running gag between myself and anyone that knows me personally – whenever confronted with a difficult decision, obstacle and or problem, sometimes I’ll blurt out the controversial phrase: “I’m going to kill myself!” In my defense, this is usually hyperbole and I’m definitely not serious.

This game I’m about to write about however, is very much about the seriousness behind depression, and suicidal thoughts. I was once an angsty teenager, and I did once have suicidal thoughts, but thankfully I never acted upon them.

Actual Sunlight asks the question – what would it feel like to be in the shoes of a normal person stuck in a dead end job, a miserable life, and with virtually nothing to life for?

The game was originally created in RPG Maker VX ACE, as the creator, Will O’Neill, is a writer and not a programmer. The game has since made the jump from a 2D RPG Maker project into a full fledged 3D game crafted in Unity 3D, but rest assured – the gut wrenching experience is still going to be there.

The game’s website even has this very ominous warning:

“[Actual Sunlight] deals with extremely mature themes, including depression and thoughts of suicide. Similar to other forms of art that tackle these issues, Actual Sunlight can be an extremely powerful emotional experience – before downloading it, please first consider what your reaction to a book, film or piece of music in a similar vein might be.”

If you want to play the game right now, it is currently in open beta and can be downloaded from their website. Please, just don’t go and.. actually kill yourself.

Brandon Orselli


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