EVE Rubicon is Launching Next Week

eve online rubicon ss 1

EVE Online is setting up for its next big expansion, titled simply Rubicon. The expansion will add a bunch of new features to the game, including:

  • Mobile structures
  • Ghost sites
  • Sisters of Eve faction ships
  • Guerrilla-style warfare
  • Hi-sec customs offices
  • Warp acceleration is improved
  • The Isis guide to all of the ships in EVE
  • Piloting certification overhaul
  • Lots of rebalancing and tweaks

Certainly, if you’ve seen our previous coverage of big events in EVE, the game has quite the colorful fanbase that always seems to be trying to screw one another over.

CCP Games also shared a new trailer for the Rubicon expansion, which you can see below:

EVE Online: Rubicon will be available next week on November 19th.

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