Lords of Xulima is Not Afraid to be a Hardcore RPG

lords of xulima ss 1

If you’re about my age and you were ever into RPGs, you probably played at least one isometric RPG on the PC – that is, if you had good taste in video games. I’m kidding, but honestly the isometric, hardcore RPGs of old have a soft spot in my heart, so it’s natural that Lords of Xulima gets me all giddy like a school girl.

Lords of Xulima is being developed by a passionate team of indie developers from Madrid, Spain. The team at Numantian Games cite various classics like Mighty & Magic, Ultima, and Wizardry. The game is crafted with a ton of lore, regions, and of course – a completely open world for you to explore and be immersed in.

You can view their Kickstarter pitch video below:

There’s a few things of note, the game was on indiegogo first and made its initial funding there, but they just barely squeaked by. Now they’re on kickstarter so they can secure the stretch goals their previous campaign missed – so their game can be everything it possibly can be.

If you’re interested in backing an ultra hardcore RPG in the vein of the classics of yore, you can pledge on their kickstarter campaign here.

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