Kingdom is Addicting, Amazing, and Free

kingdom ss 1

Kingdom is a game that is so simple, and yet so addicting and rewarding. It’s also completely free to play, and available on developer noio’s website.

What makes Kingdom so different from most strategy experiences is that it’s purely a 2D, pixelated experience, and it’s extremely minimalist. You ride around on your horse, and you throw money at your citizens. That’s pretty much it.

Things get interesting when nighttime falls however, as this game takes a page out of the same book many other games do – monsters come out at night. I dunno if you can call them monsters, or just green troll face zombies with squiggly arms.

I got to about day 28 or so before I ran out of money, time, and citizens to defend myself. I kept trying to expand and control as much as possible, but this proved too difficult for me. The more I spent on expanding, the more the giant green troll monsters stampeded over my progress and pushed me back.

The game is very fun, and has its source code and all of its assets available on github. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix on your break, or you’re just looking for a new experience, you should seriously check out Kingdom.

Brandon Orselli


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