Hideo Kojima and Yoshinori Ono Might Visit the PS4 Launch Event

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It seems like some big time Japanese developers might be showing up at the Playstation 4 All Access launch event, which is happening next Friday, in New York City.

The reason why this is very interesting is that previously, Gametrailers TV host Geoff Keighley teased that there would be new Playstation 4 games revealed at their event.

Now, we have word that Yoshinori Ono and Hideo Kojima might be coming to the event, if these tweets are anything to go by.

You can view Ono’s tweet below:

The translation for his tweet is: “I had a short visit in Singapore, where I enjoyed the Asian final qualifying round. I’m flying back to Japan tonight! I’ll be in America next week…. Let’s do our best! I wonder if I will buy a PlayStation 4 to return home with…”

Now, this would normally be chalked up to him just going on about his travelling and such, but if Shoryuken’s report is anything to go by, Ono could very well be announcing something at Sony’s event.

So now we get to take a look at Hideo Kojima’s assistant, Ayako, who tweeted that she will be in New York, which presumably means NYC.

You can view Kojima’s assistant’s tweet below:

To make things even more interesting, Geoff tweeted this:

Now here is where all of the Konami/Kojima stuff starts to make sense in relation to the Playstation 4 event. A Konami employee by the NeoGAF handle of ToraShiro has said the follow:

Kudos for asking! But unfortunately I can’t give any specifics (I like my job and intend to keep it). You’ll have to wait until our big announcement. source

And then went on to say:

To our fault, we don’t make it easy to disseminate info from our… Cryptic PR messaging.

It will take place before the VGAs. source

Finally, Geoff teased that the world premieres from the All Access event would start tomorrow, and that Playstation 4 games would be revealed:

So there you have it! What games are you guys hoping to see revealed tomorrow?

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