IronFall for 3DS Looks Absolutely Amazing

ironfall art 1

When we first reported on Ironfall, a groundbreaking showcase of graphics technology on the Nintendo 3DS, we didn’t actually have much to go off on in terms of real details.

Now, we finally have a full look at the game running natively on the 3DS, and man is it incredible:

There’s a few key things we want to point out about this tech demo:

  • The game so far is only being developed by 3 people
  • Everything is coded in %100 assembly language
  • The non-stereoscopic 3D framerate is locked at a liquid smooth 60 FPS
  • Environments have unlimited light sources, unlimited dynamic lights, unlimited particle types, up to 5000 particles, realistic physics, and more.

Ironfall is scheduled for a release on 3DS next Spring.

Brandon Orselli


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