Three New Pokemon from X and Y Leaked via Hacker

Just when some may have thought they have seen everything there is to see in Pokemon X and Y, some hackers have uncovered something in the game’s code. They have found data for three Pokemon that are not present in the complete game.

Three supposed legendary Pokemon have been uncovered, and they were made visible by “activating” them and encountering them in battle, much like a similar exploitation in previous Pokemon games. The hackers are guessing these Pokemon are reserved and hidden for future events, but who knows.

You can view the new Pokemon below:

pokemon x y diancie

Diancie, a fairy/rock type Pokemon.

pokemon x y hoopa

Hoopa, a ghost/psychic type Pokemon.

pokemon x y volcanion

Finally, Volcanion, a fire/water type Pokemon.

So which of the three is the coolest? My bet is on Volcanion, a fire/water type is very interesting. Plus, that design is just completely wacky looking.

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Brandon Orselli


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