The View from Crimson Dragon’s Coral Lakes is Quite Nice

crimson dragon ss 3

We had a look at the all around Bloodskin Dragon from Crimson Dragon last week, thanks to the PlayXBLA blog.

Now, we have an in depth look at one of the first levels you’ll be playing through in game. The region is called Coral Lakes, and it’s one of the first you’ll experience on planet Draco.

You can read more about it here, from PlayXBLA’s blog post:

The alkaline waters of Draco’s Coral Lake region are home to a variety of species. Most commonly found among the brittle coral structures jutting from the water are the Vespin, a pest which normally presents very little danger to the colonists … except when they swarm. Lately, however, the Vespin have undergone a change, transforming into enraged creatures which attack at the slightest provocation.

You can also check out some more screenshots below:

crimson dragon ss 4 crimson dragon ss 2 crimson dragon ss 1

Crimson Dragon is an Xbox One launch game, so it will be releasing with the launch of the console.

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