Dark Souls II Gets an Awesome Collector’s Edition in Japan

Dark Souls II is getting a pretty wicked collector’s edition in the West, but what about Japan? They have to get something cool too right?

From Software and Namco Bandai have lifted the lid on their collector’s edition for Japanese gamers, which you can see below:

dark souls ii japanese limited edition

Ok, wow that’s pretty damn sweet. I’m actually thinking that is possibly even cooler than the figurine that you get with the Western collector’s edition. In the Japanese collector’s edition, you get:

  • A soundtrack CD
  • A hundred page art booklet
  • A set of die-cast weapons in a hard wood case

This edition will run you 15,980 yen, which is about $160 dollars. In comparison, here is the Black Armor edition that is coming out in the West:

dark souls ii western collectors edition

This collector’s set gets you:

  • A soundtrack CD.
  • A hardbound art booklet
  • A cloth map from the game
  • A 12 inch Warrior Knight figurine

Japan is also getting a standard edition for the game, that has some freebies as well:

dark souls ii japanese standard edition

The standard edition comes with a paper game map and a soundtrack CD, and will go for 7,800 yen, or $78 dollars. Dark Souls II is also getting various pre-order bonuses in Japan, which you can read about here.

Dark Souls II is launching on March 11th in the Americas, March 13th in Japan and March 14th in Europe for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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