DC Universe Online is Set for PS4 in New Update

dc universe online ss 1

DC Universe Online is coming to Playstation 4, now an update made to the game preps the online world for the upcoming launch on the next-generation platform, which was detailed in a blog post here.

This is the 31st update to the game, and it will include a large combination of art upgrades that will be a huge improvement to the overall visual look to the game. Extra attention was paid to the level of detail in textures specifically, meaning looking at Earth from the Watchtower will be even more pretty.

The devs have even rebuilt key areas like Centennial Park in Metropolis and Robinson Park in Gotham City to take advantage of the new visual fidelity the game is sporting. Coming from this, they’ve also made hundreds of tweaks to the overall environmental geometry, giving the game a more seamless experience across all platforms, including Playstation 3.

Graphics aren’t the only big improvement in this update, the overall game design has been polished, leveling has been more streamlined, enemies will aggro and behave in more reasonable fashion. The game’s mission structure has been improved as well, making side missions replayable, open world bounties will stick at level 30, alongside tons of other improvements.

DCUO’s Game Update 31 will be launching on a PC test server next week with PC and Playstation 3 to follow soon after in early next month. The Playstation 4 version of DCUO is still being worked on, but it is scheduled to come out within the PS4’s launch window.

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