Surge Deluxe is Electrifying the Vita

surge deluxe ss 1

Surge was originally a Playstation Mini, much like Futurlab’s other title Velocity Ultra. Now, Futurlab is ready to up the ante with a bigger and bolder version of Surge, titled simply Surge Deluxe, developed natively for the Playstation Vita.

Surge is a puzzle game featuring the chaining of similar blocks and the clearing of the screen, but it can easily become much more than that, as any puzzle game enthusiast can attest to. There’s a special vent system that lets you choose to rack up bigger points while risking death – venting out the pressure from both sides is crucial to survival.

Lots of updates were made to the game, like the blocks having unique shapes instead of being color coded (for color blind gamers), a new combiner block that removes the color requirement for multipliers, a new chain linker block that lets you connect two different colored chains together, and an entirely reworked scoring system.

Surge Deluxe will be coming to Playstation Vita at some point next year.

Brandon Orselli


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