Xbox One Will Record You Getting Achievements

champ chong interview ss 1

Youtuber Champ Chong has unveiled a juicy piece of functionality for the Xbox One during the past weekend’s EB Games Expo.

“The Xbox One will essentially always be recording around five minutes of footage in the background at any one point in time,” the Xbox representative told Champ Chong during his interview at the EB Games Expo.

“But what you can do is, of course, view that five minutes of footagebut in addition to that, the DVR will automatically record any achievements that take place. So whenever you unlock a gamerscore, it will automatically record how you did that, so you can check it out later.”

So there you have it, in case you wanted to capture that legendary moment when you finally get one of those ridiculous achievements, the Xbox One will do that automatically.

Brandon Orselli


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