Alteil Horizons Has Some Gorgeous Art

alteil horizons obsidian dragon

Alteil Horizons is an online, turn-based card game by the creators of Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile. The cards are done by artists from the Zelda and Final Fantasy franchises.

Alteil has actually been available to play in Japan, but unfortunately it never left their shores and now the parent company is going to turn the game off for good. That’s where Apocoplay came in, and wanted to give the game a fresh start with their kickstarter.

Battles in Alteil Horizons progress in turn based fashion, but also feature tactical RPG elements as well. The game also has a day and night system that will affect various creatures and characters.

You can check out some range mechanics and strategy below in this gameplay video:

Currently they’re about a third of the way to their initial goal of $100K, so if this got you excited to back their kickstarter, you can check out the campaign here.

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