NIS America Releases New English Trailer For The Guided Fate Paradox


The new English language trailer for Guided Fate Paradox was just released and it gives us quite a look into the battle system as well as a sample of the english dub voice acting.

The battle system system seems to be that of a rouge like dungeon crawler similar to series like Shiren the Wanderer or Izuna: The Unemployed Ninja mixed in with some strategy RPG gameplay which certainly has a Disgaea feel to it.

It also gave us a glimpse into the Copy World which seems to be similar to the method of transmigration in the Disgaea games in that it sends you back to level one, however, with increased base stats so you have the potential to grow stronger.

Check out the trailer above and also check out The Guided Fate Paradox which launches on November 5th in North America.