Madoka Magica Game Announced for PS3

Madoka_Magica wallpaper

The most recent Weekly Famitsu reveals that Artdink is developing a Madoka Magica licensed action game for  the PS3.

The game is revealed to have a day/night sequence and the objectives of the game change depending on what time of day it is.  For example, during the day you can spend the day hanging out with your fellow Magi and building your bonds with them and during the night you will be battling witches and the results of these battles can affect the bonds you have with the various characters during the day.

If all of this sounds familiar it probably should as it seems eerily similar to the formula used in the modern persona games.  Kind of a cross of dating sim elements combined with more traditional gaming elements, in this case, a 3D action game as opposed to an RPG.

The article also pointed out that all of your favorite characters from the anime itself will be present in this title.

Stay tuned as more info on this title breaks.

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