Road Not Taken is About Life’s Surprises

Road Not Taken SS 1

Road Not Taken is a roguelike puzzle game from Spry Fox, the guys behind games like Steambirds, Triple Town and Realm of the Mad God.

The game is all about life’s surprises, both positive and negative, hence why they’re going for a roguelike experience. The title is taken from Robert Frost’s poem and the devs are seeking to emulate that type of experience.

Road Not Taken actually transpires in a mysterious forest that you have to wander through, in the aftermath of a snowstorm of course. During your exploration you’ll cross paths with wild animals, impassable barriers and even – lost children?

Here are some of the official gameplay gameplay elements for Road Not Taken:

  • You can play for dozens of hours, and no two sessions will ever be quite alike.
  • Each game is full of unexpected surprises and dangers, and we’re not going to spell out how to play it. What does each creature do? Figure it out!
  • You’re going to die many, many times.

You can view the reveal trailer for Road Not Taken below:

Road Not Taken is set for release next year on Playstation 4, Vita, Steam and Mac!

Brandon Orselli


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