First Look at Stardust Amazoness

stardust amazoness ss 3
Stardust Amazoness is a game about escaping from an all-girls prison planet. Yes, you read that right, it’s not just a prison PLANET but it’s an all-girls prison planet. The game is in development by Arc System Works and is slated for a 3DS release.

Although it’s not clear who the protagonist is, the blonde haired girl with the eyepatch is one of your friends who is helping you try to escape. Her name is Gantai, which literally means eyepatch. Famitsu also revealed a female ninja character as well, which you can see alongside Gantai, below:

stardust amazoness ss 1 stardust amazoness ss 2

The combat in Stardust Amazoness is turn based and features a two meter system, a battery meter and an AP (attack points) meter. Every attack uses attack points (naturally) while battery power is consumed via using skills, which are like special attacks.

stardust amazoness ss 5stardust amazoness ss 4

Story progression in Stardust Amazoness is told through exploring the prison planet via old school dungeon crawling. Getting to certain areas of the prison planet will reveal more bits of the story through cutscenes.

Stardust Amazoness is set for a Nintendo 3DS release this November 14th in Japan.

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