Dwarf Quest 2 Crowdfunding is Live

Dwarf Quest SS 1

Dwarf Quest is a dungeon crawler/loot collecting game featuring Morrin Firebeard and his adventures through a bunch of deadly dungeons in his pursuit of the reanimated wizard, Azar.

The story of Dwarf Quest is an interesting one, the title is from a yearly even in which five dwarven warriors are picked to enter a sprawling dungeon and try to survive. Whoever survives is the victor of the event.

Dwarf Quest 2 takes place directly after the original, tasking Morrin to find a way to save his people and homeland from the magical plague that has encased everything in ice.

Dwarf Quest 2 seeks to up the ante by improving on everything from the first game and of course – adding way more content. This means more levels, more loot and a better realized story.

If you want to help fund Dylan and his awesome looking iteration in the Dwarf Quest world, you can pledge on their gambitious page.

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