Zombie Tycoon II is Up on Steam Greenlight

Zombie Tycoon SS 1

Frima Studios is trying to bring Zombie Tycoon II, a game I reviewed and enjoyed, to Steam.

The game features a quite fun and silly campaign with two maniacal zombie overlords trying to take over the world via shambling hordes of the undead.

New to the Steam port are the following features:

  • New controls and interface specifically designed for Keyboard and Mouse
  • Twitch integration
  • High Resolution customizable PC graphics
  • Improved multiplayer experience through Steam
  • New achievements

In case some of you guys have never heard of the game until now, here are some of its official features:

  • Real-time strategy ( Not a tycoon game )
  • Play as 2 different zombie factions
  • Control 4 monster units with a variety of strengths and weaknesses and each with four unique abilities unlocked by leveling up
  • Command squads of crazy zombies like the Scavenger Zombies from the Municipal Dump or Engineer Zombies from the Hardware Store.
  • Complete a challenging single-player campaign told through 8 unique chapters
  • Compete in a fast-paced, highly tactical multiplayer modeYou can view the Zombie Tycoon II Steam greenlight page here.
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