New Drakengard 3 Screens Reveal Two New Weapons

Drakengard 3 Sister 3 SS 2

Square Enix has released some new screenshots for Drakengard 3. Here we get to see more of Sister 3, the laziest of the sisters, she also commands the forest country.

Drakengard 3 Sister 3 SS 1

Enough about Sister three though, the game is all about Zero and her quest to eliminate all of her fellow sisters. With these new screens we see more of the weapons that Zero is able to gain access to, starting with “the claw,” which you can see below:

Drakengard 3 SS 7 Drakengard 3 SS 6
Drakengard 3 SS 5 Drakengard 3 SS 4

So the claw is really fast, which is great for connecting attacks and continuing combos when in battle. Obviously, this weapon is meant for singular enemies, but don’t fret, for groups of enemies there’s always the chakram comes into play:

Drakengard 3 SS 8 Drakengard 3 SS 11
Drakengard 3 SS 10 Drakengard 3 SS 9

The chakram is a lot weaker in attack power but lets you attack enemies in all directions, clearly the way to go when it comes to large groups of enemies. You can also check out some more screens below:

Drakengard 3 SS 1 Drakengard 3 SS 3 Drakengard 3 SS 2

Drakengard 3 comes out on October 31st on PS3. No word has been made about the game coming west.

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