Curry God JRPG Gets Extra Spicy DLC

Holy Sorcery Story Art 1
So Holy Sorcery Story is coming to the West via Aksys Games, it will be known as┬áSorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God. Compile Heart is apparently not losing any steam (really sorry for that one), they’re releasing some free downloadable content in the form of a post game dungeon.

The dungeon will be called the Extremely Spicy Ciao Tower and it will be added on July 30th. The dungeon can only be accessed after clearing the game, it adds ten floors and it has some really insane limitations. What are they, you ask? You can’t bring any equipment (armor, weapons) and you can’t stop. Gee, thanks guys.

This update also brings a patch that fixes a bug where you can’t get an achievement for beating 100% of the quests in the game.

Brandon Orselli


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