Metallica and the Hundred Knights – as Beans

Remember that weird mobile game Nippon Ichi is making about raising magical bean monsters that fight for you? Well, I do – that smile the blue Mamenon is sporting still gives me nightmares.

Anyway, the game is getting lots of cross over goodies from various other Nippon Ichi games, now it’s getting Metallica and the Knight mamenon, who are called Mametallica and Mamehei respectfully.

mameque hundred knight ss 1mameque metallica ss 1

To get these adorable mamenon, you have to enter the codes from the MameQue website into the app before August 19th. You can also get the Kakarima Broom and the Star Fragment Sword from the game:

mameque broom weaponmameque sword weapon

MameQue is coming to iOS devices in Japan later this summer – The Witch and the Hundred Knights is now available in Japan.

Brandon Orselli


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