Zelda Parody Game Ittle Dew Out Now on PC, Coming to Wii U eShop

Ittle Dew, a game that is clearly inspired by Zelda, is out now on PC. The game seems to definitely be a parody of the Zelda games, making fun of several of the unquestioned things in the game right in the gameplay trailer. Humor aside, the art style is pretty awesome and the gameplay seems to be pretty top notch just like the Zelda games as well.

ittle dew ss 2

One of the main differences between Zelda and this game is that the protagonist is actually a girl, and her name is literally Ittle Dew. Her companion is a flying … squirrel fairy of sorts, that provides hints and support – yeah support! Ittle Dew has access to various tools and weapons, while the game is meant to be replayed for speed runs.

The animations and art style are pretty awesome, I applaud Swedish developer Ludosity for going with this direction. The game is clearly meant to remind you of Zelda, but it definitely has its own feel. Ittle Dew herself seems to be a lot more focused on – well, looting dungeons and taking advantage of their poor security. It’s pretty silly, but still fun in my opinion.

The game is out now and can be purchased/downloaded from the developers website for $13.99. It is also slated to hit Ouya, Mac and Steam this month and eventually Linux, Wii U, iPad and Android tablets this Fall.

Brandon Orselli


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