Yatagarasu – The Fighting Game by Veteran SNK / King of Fighters Devs

So what is Yatagarasu? First of all, the full title of the game is Yatagarasu – Attack on Cataclysm. Quite the mouthful, we’ll just refer to it as Yatagarasu from now on. Anyway, the game is the dream project of three former SNK / King of Fighters veteran developers. So, how about some backstory behind the game?

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is an original 2D fighting game for PC (Windows) which features 8 playable characters, high quality old school graphics, and gameplay that is easily accessible to anyone. The introductory video for our campaign is the trailer for the latest version of Yatagarasu (v4.3) and shows how the game currently looks and sounds.

We’ve worked hard to make Yatagarasu a fighting game that everyone can enjoy by creating a simple structure and straightforward gameplay without the clutter of lots of unnecessary features. Our game also features a completely unique commentary system which provides dynamic commentary in real time based on developments in the match.

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will be a brand new version of Yatagarasu with all-new new characters and many new features, and which will be fully localized into English for gamers around the world.”

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So, why should you care about Yatagarasu? First of all, it’s clearly a very pretty game. The animations are fluid and very well done, also the character designs are excellent. The team is aiming for the game to be a simple to grasp but hard to master type fighting game, which easily become classic fighters in my opinion. I’m really digging each character’s backstory and fighting style from what I’ve seen so far.

Why did they go with crowdfunding for the game? They’ve been developing Yatagarasu for the past 6 years with very limited funding. If the Skullgirls DLC campaign was any indication of how expensive traditional 2D fighters can be, you can imagine how costly Yatagarasu’s development must be. Their Indiegogo campaign is for flexible funding, but the more of their goal they meet, the more characters, extras, tweaks and refinements the game will get.

Their goal is $68,000, and with their current numbers at just over $20,000 with 37 days left, it’s very possible they can meet their goal if you guys help. Please consider supporting awesome fighting games like this, these devs are extremely talented and the game should have a chance to shine. You can check out the Indiegogo Page for the game here.

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