18-Minutes of Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay

Ghost of Tsushima

PlayStation have released 18-minutes of gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima for during their State of Play presentation.

So far, the presentation has revealed how players explore, fight, customize, and more.

Firstly, players can set waypoints on the map, and then use “Guiding Wind” to tell them where to go. This is by being able to cause the wind to blow at the press of a button, in the direction of the waypoint. This is then seen in the enviroment with the wind blowing grass, petals, and other small objects.

Other visual landmarks such as animals, smoke-stacks, and oddly shaped trees are also able to guide the player to more hidden secrets. These include abandoned buildings with rare collectibles.

Foxes will also guide the player to shrines. Praying at the shrine will unlock Minor Charm slots. Locations can be re-visited with fast travel.

The main character, Jin, can challenge enemies to lethal one-on-one stand-offs where one hit kills. Whether this applies to Jin is unknown, and other enemies can jump into the fray after a lethal blow. Players can also parry foes, and adapt different stances to deal more damage to specific enemy types.

While you can fight enemies in honorable samurai-like battles, you can also rely on stealth and be a ninja-like “ghost”. This means you can throw stones or fireworks to distract enemies, and rely on backstabbing foes without being seen. Jin also has access to smoke bombs and kunais. The mongols will even grow afraid of Jin as he devastates their encampments.

Players also have a grappling hook for navigation, but this was shown during Ghost gameplay. It is unknown if players have access to this ability while acting as an honorable samurai.

Players may also customize Jin, with different sets of armor that offer abilities and effects. Players can also equip charms, and spend Technique Points for more abilities and effects. Players can also customize the color of their armor by gathering flowers.

The game will have a photo mode. Players can modify filters, depth of field, and change Jin’s emotion. The photos are not still, and show the weather effects while all other action is still. Players can even the weather, what is blowing through the air, and the music that plays.

Finally, the game will include a Japanese voice track with subtitles. This is can be chosen “before the first cutscene.” There is also a mode that adds a black and white filter and film grain, like an old samurai movie.

You can find the State of Play presentation below.

Ghost of Tsushima launches July 17th on PlayStation 4.

Image: PlayStation

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