Hey Niche Gamer Nation. For those who don’t know us or what the site encapsulates, here’s a brief run down for you.

We’re a gaming website that truly cares about our fellow gamers as our customers—not the advertising companies, publishers, and so on. We cannot stress this being our core goal with Niche Gamer enough.

What comes from this is that relying on advertising revenue is simply not a sustainable and/or ethical practice for us. We don’t want to keep focusing on numbers of views every day; instead, we want to focus on the quality of our content, the amount of exposure we can give those unloved games, and the mutual love for games we can share with our fans.

We want to make Niche Gamer bigger and better, but sadly we don’t have the money to keep doing this on our own. We don’t have the capacity to grow the site any further out of our own pockets, so we’re looking to you guys to help us.

Again, our Patreon is going to remain entirely optional, while the website will continue to exist and put out new content. The issue here is that with our fanbase growing, there’s demand for more content, as well as better quality content like original features, interviews, video productions, and so on. We simply can’t really do as much as we’d like, due to us not being able to do this full time.

All of the funding spending with our Patreon will be disclosed every month, and our owner, Brandon Orselli, will not be taking a salary until the website is able to function independently, i.e. with a core staff of writers who get paid to put out good, rewarding, and fun content. Brandon taking a salary is the least of his concerns, as he’s able to survive on his own—but Niche Gamer is his pride and joy—we all want it to grow and become a truly formidable gaming outlet.


A message from Brandon, the Editor in Chief:

“I’ve always looked at Niche Gamer as a dream project of mine, but also as an investment, and I have lots of plans outlined that will grow the website, the community, the brand, and the quality of our work. I just can’t do all of that without your help.”

You can also donate once (which is totally fine) via our Paypal, which you can find below:

If you’re considering donating even a small amount of money to us, thank you. Your continued patronage helps keep us independent, and it helps keep the wind in our sails as we proudly continue to discover more unique games.

We refuse to get bought out by an external party through large contributions or outright purchase, so any money you contribute to us helps us both as a website, and as an independent company.

If you have any questions regarding the donation process, please contact us via the below form:

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