Rumor: GameStop Leak Shows Planned Nintendo Switch Games
Daily Niche – 01/05/17 – Nintendo Switch Rumor Mill
Rumor: Leaked Specs Imply Switch is Weaker than PS4
Nintendo Files Excite Truck Trademark
Daily Niche – A Final Fantasy Till Your Ears Bleed
Rumor: Nintendo Switch will have Gamecube Virtual Console
Rumor: Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake Get PC Releases in 2018
Rumor: Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Reveal Coming at PlayStation Experience, Launches in 2017
Report: Nintendo to Cease Wii U Productions November 4
Rumor: Diablo 4 Announcement Coming at Blizzcon 2016
Rockstar Games Post Mysterious Tease for Red Dead Redemption Sequel
Rumor: PS4 Slim Images Leaked, New PSP-Like Device in Production

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