Fault Milestone One on PS4 and PS Vita, Root Double for PS Vita All Set to Launch Q1 2017
New Valkyria Revolution Trailer Introduces Princess Ophelia
January 2017 PlayStation Plus Includes Day of The Tentacle Remastered, Titan Souls, More
Daily Niche – 12/26-28/16 – WHERE IS THE BLEACH!
Debut Trailer for that Re:Zero Game has Plenty of Rem and Ram
New Trailer for Nights of Azure 2 Showcases Extra Jiggly Bath Scenes
Sega Confirms Valkyria Chronicles Still Ongoing, Valkyria Revolution is Like Parallel Series
New Valkyria Revolution Trailers Introduce Hub City, Combat System
Experience Teases New Horror Game for PS Vita
Daily Niche – Christmas Fun Bags!
Super Robot Wars V English Release Set for February 23
Demon Gaze II With English Subtitles Found on Retailer

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