Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Ups the Cleavage With JP Exclusive Collector’s Edition
Aksys, NISA Games Teasing New Games at Anime Expo
Tales of Xillia 2 Confirmed for West
FF XIV: A Realm Reborn – A Tour of Eorzea, Part 3
PS3/PSV Game Warrior’s Lair is Cancelled
New July PS+ Benefits Include Battlefield 3, Oddworld Munch’s Odyssey, Dokuro
Demon’s Souls 2, “Evolve” Listed on Swedish Retailer
Drakengard 3 Reveal Trailer
Music from That D&D: Chronicles of Mystara Game
Dart (Legend of Dragoon) was planned DLC for PSABR
Battle Princess of Arcadias Box Art and Info

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