New Trailers for The Dwarves Introduce Djerun and Narmora
New Awesomenauts Character Max Focus Revealed
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Adds Two Collaborative Dev Studios
Niche Spotlight – Elliot Quest: A Modern Tribute to Zelda II
Niche Spotlight – Balrum: a Hardcore, Tactical, Survival Fantasy-RPG
Meet Rodario from Upcoming Tactical RPG, The Dwarves
Heart Forth, Alicia Release Finally Set for Q1 2017
Frozen Synapse 2 Delayed to 2017
Daily Niche – The Last Guardian Q & A, Nintendo Switch Pokemon, EVE F2P
Daily Niche – More Dong Talk, Booby Spider Ladies, Wood….Elves
System Shock 1 Remake Delayed to Q2 2018
New Expansion for Total War: Warhammer “Realm of the Wood Elves” Coming December 8

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