The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Confirmed as PS4-Exclusive
Japanese Studio Cave’s New Game Lets You Destroy Cities as a Giant Schoolgirl in VR
Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Gets Final Fantasy XII Rabanstre-Themed Stage
Dragon Quest XI Officially Confirmed for Nintendo Switch
Dynasty Warriors 9 Officially Announced
Fantasy Life Online Delayed to April 2017
Mega Man 1-6 Heading to Phones in Japan
Miitomo Update Includes Miitopia and Fire Emblem Mobile Hints
Celebrate the 20th Anniversary for SoulCalibur with the Official Pachislot
Final Fantasy VII Remake Figures of Cloud and Barret are Coming Already
Malicious Fallen Announced for PS4, Will Conclude the Malicious Story
Ladies! Kenka Bancho is Getting an Anime Spinoff

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