First Trailer Shows Off Desire Remastered’s Classic 90s Anime Visuals
Debut Trailer for that Re:Zero Game has Plenty of Rem and Ram
Classic VN YU-NO Remake Gets Anime Adaptation
Double Dragon IV Officially Announced for PC, PS4
Experience Teases New Horror Game for PS Vita
Super Robot Wars V English Release Set for February 23
Demon Gaze II With English Subtitles Found on Retailer
Disaster Report 4 Plus VR Demo Hits Japan in January, Official English Site Hints at Localization
Opening Movie for Gun Gun Pixies is Cute and Naughty
Debut Trailer, New Details for Malicious Fallen
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Confirmed as PS4-Exclusive
Japanese Studio Cave’s New Game Lets You Destroy Cities as a Giant Schoolgirl in VR

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