New Teaser Trailer Shows Off the Dazzling Gravity Rush Anime
Thicc, Beautiful R. Mika and Ibuki Street Fighter V Statues Incoming
Nekopara Gets an Official Anime OVA
Final Fantasy VII Remake Figures of Cloud and Barret are Coming Already
Ladies! Kenka Bancho is Getting an Anime Spinoff
Ready Your Shekels – Final Fantasy XV’s Cindy Gets a Play-Arts Kai Figurine
Ubisoft Collabs with SUPRA on Assassin’s Creed Shoes, Because Reasons
Starbucks Announces Pokemon Go Collaboration with a New Frappuchino
Bandai Launching Real-Life Pokeball Set in March 2017
8-Bit Album Featuring Veteran Japanese Composers Gets Worldwide Release
Nintendo Brings Mascots and More to Universal Theme Parks
Duncan Jones Will Direct Warcraft Sequel But Only With “Less Cooks in the Kitchen”

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