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New Footage for NieR Automata Compares PS4 Pro to PS4 Original
Final Fantasy XV Episode Glado Concept Art
Final Fantasy XV DLC Includes New Areas and a Classic Villain
Nintendo Files Excite Truck Trademark
Miitomo Update Includes Miitopia and Fire Emblem Mobile Hints
Hideo Kojima Shows off Decima Engine in Stunning New Renders
Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plans Coming Soon
Yooka-Laylee Gets Release Date, Wii U Version Cancelled in Favor of Switch
Ubisoft Collabs with SUPRA on Assassin’s Creed Shoes, Because Reasons
Starbucks Announces Pokemon Go Collaboration with a New Frappuchino
First Nintendo Switch Live Gameplay Shown During Tonight Show
NieR: Automata Gets Western Playable Demo on December 22
Dragon Quest Heroes II
Dragon Quest Heroes II Gets Western Release in April 2017

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