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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Confirmed as PS4-Exclusive
Dragon Quest XI Opening Movie, Gameplay Reveal, First Character Details
Final Fantasy Dimensions II Announced in Japan
Pokémon Sun & Moon’s Mimikyu Has a Creepy Cute Theme Song
Rockstar Games Post Mysterious Tease for Red Dead Redemption Sequel
Hero Boy Interview – Escaping Reality With Christopher Arnold
Starter Pokémon First Evolutions, Poké Pelago and Ash-Greninja Reveals For Sun & Moon
Early Access MiniLAW: Ministry of Law Lets You Fulfill A Judge Dredd Fantasy
Pokemon Sun and Moon Version Exclusive Pokemon Confirmed
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Interview – Developing Unworthy
Cancelled Warcraft Adventure Game Is Leaked 18 Years Later
New Ultra Beasts and Rockruff Evolutions on Latest CoroCoro

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