Dragon Ball FighterZ Producer Joins EVO 2018 as a Competitor

We’ve learned the producer of Dragon Ball FighterZ is going to enter this year’s EVO tournament.

The game’s producer, Tomoko Hiroki, announced she’ll be competing in the game’s first official tournament. Featured above, you can view a new video of Hiroki thanking the fans of the game for their support, coupled with her pulling off a Vegeta fist-bump, and signing off with Goku’s signature “See ya!” salute.

It’s worth pointing out that people immediately questioned whether or not it was fair that Tomoko could join the tournament since she worked on the game – however this shouldn’t be an issue as she worked for the game’s publisher, Bandai Namco, and not the actual developer – Arc System Works.

Dragon Ball FighterZ  is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In case you missed it, you can find our review for the game here (we highly recommend it!).

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  • Fear Me I Am Free

    And she will probably be welcomed with open arms.

  • Almost like the FGC doesn’t care about gender. Unless you ask James Chen and UltraDavid. They think otherwise.

  • Mr0303

    She’ll have the ability to cut out 33% of her opponents’ move sets.

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    I’m sure there isn’t some kinda conflict of interests here, no sirree.

  • Neojames82


  • Neojames82

    Most gaming communities don’t care about gender. Course explain that to the Tumblrtards and Twittertards, which will still not believe you despite having proof.

  • RetroGamer

    She’s not overweight with blue hair and a pierced nose, so it doesn’t count!

  • ActivistZero

    Does not stop someone from kicking her ass, being a dev =/= being good at the game

  • Rough

    FGC is such a miracle.
    The community is hard, lotta shit-talk and thuggery going on, but they are very accepting as long as you can prove that your ass can cash. Hell, even a furry is there.

  • 2501

    Implying that FG developers are on the same level as Pro players? lol.

  • 2501

    Sonic Fox is a beast in this game, i’m pretty he will be in the TOP 4.

    It’s pretty exciting that DBFZ has got so many high-level players from different fighting game backgrounds, from people that play NRS games to Smash.

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    >Implying that has jack shit to do with conflict of interests
    Don’t you have MVC Infinite to practice on, FGCuck?

  • Don Tworry

    tfw no mommy producer gf

  • gwadahunter2222

    bonus she’s pretty

  • gwadahunter2222

    Are you implying they created Android 21 for her ?

  • Mr0303

    No, I’m taking a dig at the season pass shenanigans.

  • gwadahunter2222


  • David Curry

    Any attempts to demonize the FGC over the years basically fell flat because they’ve welcomed everyone from all backgrounds you can think of since the 90s/00s, the main requirement is a desire to compete and win.

  • Neojames82
  • iswear12

    If people in this comment section really think the FGC, there are some resources I’d encourage you all to check and see otherwise.
    Go check out EventStatus’s (a very staunch pro-GG youtuber who covers a lot of gaming and FGC news and is/was part of the FGC) videos. He shows the nasty underbelly of the place that’s taken root in the place. Its one of the worst gaming communities imaginable now. Doesn’t mean there aren’t still good FGC scenes (oftentimes locally), but FGC as a whole or in the way of competitive esports goes… its a literal trainwreck.

    I’ve only done cursory research and I can see how fucking terrible it is, and I steered clear of it since but I’m sure outside of the *really* bad incidents (like attempted murder over the most petty shit you can imagine) there’s just a whole lot wrong with them.
    Again doesn’t mean the whole FGC is tainted but… too much of it, especially at the top really affects the scene as a whole.

  • David Curry

    I never liked those two, that’s not surprising to find out.

  • SLoWMoTIoN🥑


  • Chocolate ISISCream

    After seeing his Hit combos I just thought to myself “I’m fucking garbage at this game.”