Worldwide Shipments and Digital Downloads for Monster Hunter: World Top 6 Million Units

Capcom has announced total worldwide shipments and digital download sales for Monster Hunter: World have topped six million units.

The publisher noted this is the fastest Capcom title to ship six million units in its time frame. The game’s previous milestone was five million shipped units three days after its release.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release set for sometime this fall. In case you missed it, you can find our review for the game here (we highly recommend it!).

Brandon Orselli


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  • Exien

    While it is not sold, it gives us a good idea how it sells. I hope they will support Monster Hunter World for a long time. Because it is perfect for expansions. Give me new areas dont kill me but I liked the under water levels in Tri and monsters, even some of the old ones are still interesting to fight against in World.

  • porkbun

    But Nintendo fanboys told me this series will die without handhelds

  • See when games are not trapped on one platform they sells better.

  • Thoon Thoon

    Ugh I got all excited by the HD Astalos for a moment, thats mean.

  • Akai Kiri

    i said this 10 years ago. give monster hunter online multiplayer and it will sell. they screwed around with nintendo for some reason and it didnt go anywhere. Capcom went as far as saying that they want people to play it with friend in the same room. while thats a really fun time and i spent a ton of hours playing it, that only really works in small countries like japan that also have great public transportation.

    then they made monster hunter frontier as a japan only game. it sold pretty well but they spent so much time banning foreign players that it left a bad taste in the mouths of many.

    Now we have monster hunter world. which will be on PC, seemingly going back on the “we don’t want online multiplayer because we want you to go see the people you play with” stance (which to be fair makes a really fun weekend)

    It looks great, and is perfect for expansions. the kind of expansions that you don’t mind paying for because the game is really fun.

  • Alex Drake

    if only it was on PC too it would be at 10 milion already

  • OldPalpy
  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Some times. And some times Bayonetta happens and it sells only a mill on 2 platforms. Not every game is the same bruh.

  • Mechonis

    Got it Friday. Spent my entire weekend playing it. Game deserves it and they said free content updates so it’s 10/10. Best game Capcom has done in a LOOOOOONG time

  • OldPalpy

    It’s almost like putting out a infamously bad port on the console whose base was most interested in a DMC style game killed it’s sales.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Correction time. A little over 2 mill in sales across 2 platforms.

    Thought to be fair its 1.2 mill on PS3 and just shy of a mill on Xbox 360. It was just a game that was weird to market. MH has a decade plus long history of being shit on console due to its weird controls and the servers for MP dying shortly after.

  • OldPalpy

    I think that’s decentish for new IP at that time when platinum wasn’t known

    outside of those who were following them since Clover, probably would have done better if the PS3 port was even halfway polished.

  • sanic

    Did capcom declare it a failure yet for not selling 12 million?

  • I don’t know if Capcom had any projected sales for the game anywhere, but usually you don’t have a publisher sharing numbers like this when they aren’t happy.

  • There are many more factors, like the worldwide simultaneous release, smart streamlining decisions and plenty of available languages voiced and written (not just Japanese and English).

    Two of the 3DS MH games (MHXX and MH3G) were on other platforms as well, though usually not released at the same time.

  • As long as it is not trapped on Nintendo shitty systems.

  • Bayonetta would have sold worse on a Nintendo platform bruh.

  • We are getting the definitive version.

  • Sure. I mainly play games on portables or on a laptop so even with a PS4. MH World doesn’t really exist to me till the PC version comes.

  • Alex Drake

    Doesn’t make the wait any less painful XD

  • The Clansman

    how the fuck is Japan a small country?

  • 2501

    To be fair, when Bayonetta first launched it was only playable on the Xbox.

  • King of Zeroes

    What kind of moron said that?

    I played the everloving fuck out of Tri and Tree Ultimate. Just completely skipped the handheld generation. I want to see huge monsters flailing around on a big screen in HD. Not as blocky pixel abominations on a DS.

  • King of Zeroes

    I’d like to see some of the 3U specific leviathans making a comeback, like Lagiacrus or Agnaktor, but the underwater combat needs to stay dead. Neat set pieces sure, but it just made combat more tedious than it needed to be.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    A lot of them.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Never denied that “Bruh”