New Story Trailer for Switch Port of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

NIS America has released a new story trailer for their recently confirmed Switch port for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

Featured above, the new trailer shows off more of the latest adventure for series protagonist Adol.

Here’s a rundown on the game, via NIS America:

Adol awakens shipwrecked and stranded on a cursed island. There, he and the other shipwrecked passengers he rescues form a village to challenge fearsome beasts and mysterious ruins on the isolated island. Amidst this, Adol begins to dream of a mysterious blue-haired maiden living in an unknown world. Join Adol as he unravels the riddle of the cursed isle and the blue-haired maiden Dana in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Key Features

  • An Epic Tale: Follow Adol and his companions on his latest adventure to uncover the mysteries of the cursed island.
  • Another Side: Unravel the mystery of the blue-haired maiden Dana through her own unique gameplay segments.
  • It Takes a Village: Rescue your fellow shipwrecked passengers and bring them to your village where they will provide valuable services.
  • Party On: Switch characters on the fly as you battle ferocious foes in lightning-fast combat.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is launching for Switch sometime this summer. It’s currently available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. A PC version is also coming, but was unfortunately delayed to an unconfirmed date.

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  • RetroGamer

    Adol gets knocked off a pirate ship and washes up on an island. That’s exactly how Ark of Napishtim starts out.

  • CRES

    That’s also how the original Ys starts. In fact it is a running gag that everytime Adol ends up on a ship, that ship gets shipwrecked.

  • Foreign Horde

    That’s a very, VERY common thing in Ys.
    I remember when I first played Ys VII, watching the opening cutscene… in which a ship SAILS SAFELY INTO THE HARBOR and Adol and friends disembark in the normal way… thinking “wow, this seems really wrong.”

    Adol Christin really should be on a no-sail list.

  • Travis Touchdown

    I’ll try it. It can’t be worse than Xenoblade Chronicles 2… r-right…?

  • RetroGamer

    Yup, Adol and seawater don’t seem to mix very well. The intro of VI and VIII are especially similar though, even down to the isolated island and pirate ship.

  • Donwel

    So…. What was wrong with XC2?

  • Travis Touchdown

    It was a Xenoblade game.

  • Donwel

    Ok then, so what’s wrong with Xenoblade in general then. I ask as someone who has never played a Xenoblade game.

  • iswear12

    Why the fuck would you “try” it? Its been localized by NISA. Don’t bother unless you *want* to contribute to one of the big cancers ruining japanese vidya

  • RetroGamer

    You took the b8, m8.

  • RIP Vita.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Terrible stories and combat.

    They also tend to be way longer than they need to be.

  • EroBotan

    in the right corner of this site there is a review of Xenoblade Chronicle 2

  • EroBotan

    as for the 1st xenoblade i think it was censored to oblivion by nintendo treehouse, lots of content get removed.

  • totenglocke

    Nope, it was localized vy Nintendo of Europe. Xenoblade Chronicles X was localized by Treehouse and had some minor censorship, mainly just eliminating the ability to change the boob size of female characters during character creation.

  • EroBotan

    sorry, I mean xenoblade X (I thought that X is the 1st one lol). Besides the boobs slider, All of of Lin’s costume plus the fundoshi costume are censored. I also heard that Lin’s 3d model is changed too but i’m not sure about this one.

  • Donwel

    I thought it was a reasonable question.

  • Donwel

    >They also tend to be way longer than they need to be.
    Isn’t it a JRPG though? Getting pissed at JRPGs for being long is like getting pissed at a dog licking its own balls.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Persona’s eighty hours are filled with quality content.

    Xenoblade’s is not.

    Nintendo JRPGs tend to be rather shorter, by the way. Maybe around thirty hours? On average?

  • RetroGamer

    I’ve seen some jokingly say that he keeps losing his equipment and money at sea, which is why he starts out from scratch every time. :P


    Yeah but if finally explains why there are only one of each “race” in each game…outside humans and shit.