Demo for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Now Available, DLC Schedule Announced

Atlus has released a playable demo for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology for the Nintendo 3DS.

The demo lets players get acclimated with the main story and the mechanics in the game. Your save data from the demo can be transferred to the full game at release. There’s also a free 3DS theme on the eShop for the game.

The publisher also confirmed the games lineup of downloadable content:

February 13 (Launch Day!)

  • Growth Ring ($1.99): Consumable item. Gain additional EXP.
  • Mole Armlet ($1.99): Consumable item. Gain additional money.
  • New Difficulty: DEADLY (Free): Unlock “Near Death” difficulty.
  • Chibi Art Pack ($2.49): Switch main character art to Chibi art.
  • Classic Art Pack ($2.49): Switch main character art to original version’s.
  • Bathing in Mana ($3.99): Fan service event. Each character will show up ready for a swim. Plus an additional boss battle.

February 20

  • Rage of the Fallen ($2.49): Rescue Aht and Marco in New Granorg in different timeline.
  • Under the Moonlight ($2.49): Investigate information leak with Eruca and Rainey in New Granorg in different timeline.

February 27

  • Settling the Score ($2.49): Investigate the distortion in time with Rosch and Gafka in different timeline. Fight against seven bosses in sequence.
  • Meeting in the Chasm ($2.49): Explore the hidden past of Nemesia.
  • Hunting Corridor (2.99): A dungeon that you can find an item to boost up your character parameters.

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is launching on February 13th in the Americas and February 16th in Europe.

Brandon Orselli


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  • MusouTensei
  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    Still getting the game because I havent played the original, but this dlc shit is fucking bullshit, and it really saddens me to see it in a classic style JRPG. Items that give you extra money or exp should stolen from enemies, and an alternative art style should be there from the get go.

  • Mr. Capo
  • Hasn’t every non-DQ RPG of note had this with Fire Emblem Awakening starting the trend before Atlus added it onto their tax?

    I think Bravely Default is another exception but that game had you spending real money on turns & damage in a turn-based RPG which only took the game from being bad to being impossible for me to recommend.

  • Even better, one of the DLC elements is literally content with the DS original had.

    It is incredible how instead of making the game definitive in a way which will outlast the eShop and end debate, they just want to get that extra $24+ dollars ignoring consumable DLC items.

  • Mr. Capo

    I don’t know but it’s still unacceptable no matter how you look at it. Atlus has been doing this shit since SMT IV and it’s only gotten worse since.

  • Bassgs

    The original was one of the best DS games I ever played, but having a bunch of unnecessary DLC makes me think they should have let this one stay just as a nice memory

  • Cheshire

    >Classic Art Pack ($2.49): Switch main character art to original version’s.
    God dammit. I’m trying out the demo now and the new portraits are a real downgrade from the old ones. Charging for this is ridiculous.

  • Right, I wasn’t making a defense of the practice.

    Just pointing a finger at how Nintendo (since 2012 with their first DLC ever in Fire Emblem Awakening) and Atlus (doesn’t matter which game was first – it just wasn’t EOU2) go really far back with the trend.

    I also wanted to mention Square Enix being… better. They showed some restraint even if they added microtransactions into Bravely Default’s international version which wasn’t in the original Japanese release.

  • SullenSamurai

    This is dub-only, right? Wouldn’t get it for that alone.

    Cute how the fan service DLC is the most expensive.

  • Random Dude

    Nah, I’ll just play the original.

  • Kakaku

    SMT IV Apocalypse was just the worst. At the end of the game there’s a sort of alternative dimension you can go to called Twisted Tokyo. There you travel through the dungeon and fight super bosses called “fiends”. After reaching the very end and defeating the last fiend before the bottom, you get booted out and told you need “A certain item”. This certain item can only be obtained by paying $1.50.

    The price itself is nothing, but the concept of it is disgusting.

    Also kind of shitty how most “pierce” moves can only be gotten by RNG outside of DLC. Tried for hours and only got “pierce light”. At least I’ve learned to manage my time better since then.

  • Ace

    The original game was a really fun and cool concept. The DLC route is…. Eh…

  • Ingo Knito

    I was kinda interested, but am I seeing this correctly? We need to pay to change artstyles? Guess I’m spoiled, but there was once a time where small things like that were just added features to optimize the experience. As for the additional contents…. eh.

    Atlus DLC kinda always rubbed me the wrong way. I really wish I could just buy a game on release, and it’s complete, without paying half the game again if I want everything (Not saying there can’t be DLC, but I don’t see these being worthy of a DLC). Sigh, whatever. Guess it must be working for them if they do this several times, I’ll pass for now.

  • alterku

    I wish this attitude was more common, especially when the original ends up being better for one reason or another.

  • Random Dude

    Not so difficult when the new version looks rather underwhelming AND choked with DLC.