February 2018 PlayStation Plus Games Announced

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the February 2018 lineup of freebies coming to PlayStation Plus.

Here’s the entire lineup of free games:

PlayStation 4

  • Grand Kingdom (NIS America)
  • Knack (SIE)
  • Rime (TequilaWorks)
  • Bonus Title: Starblood Arena (available until March 6th)

PlayStation 3

  • Mugen Souls Z (NIS America)
  • Spelunker HD (Irem)

PS Vita

  • Exile’s End (XSEED Games)
  • Grand Kingdom (NIS America)
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  • Amethyst Eclipse

    Knack is a shit game that only fake ass phonies like Dunkey enjoy.

  • Phasmatis75

    Grand Kingdom is a fine game. If you like JRPGs you’ll enjoy it.

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    Three games from NISA, because I guess Sony wants me to brick my PS4 so I’ll buy another one.

  • Mr0303

    Hopefully more people will try Knack and will stop shitting on it. Rime is a pretty good game for PS+.

    Surprisingly the Vita selection is quite good this month. I didn’t much like Grand Kingdom’s demo, but I’m willing to put more time into the full game.

  • sAy_YaS


  • Amethyst Eclipse


  • Mechonis

    WOW!! Knack for free!! Sony proving once again they are the only system you’ll every! I mean come on! It’s Knack!

  • maxcady360

    This is not a knock on Sony but I’m just not getting my money’s worth on PSN Plus.

  • Amethyst Eclipse

    Quality reference you’re a gentleman and a scholar *tips fedora* now I must be off to le reddit for the latest memes.

  • [Your Unoriginal Name Here]™


  • [Your Unoriginal Name Here]™


    But in all seriousness, I love how people still shit on it based on reviews, just try it. It’s not even that hard unless you’re a filthy casual but I will say that the story is bad but gameplay is still enjoyable.

  • Amethyst Eclipse

    It’s more of a vapid PS2 3D platformer than those LEGO games and that’s saying something, it’s only remembered due to be being a launch title and because of a e-cleb that uses his funny voice and irony as a crutch to avoid having to talk about games on a level beyond a typical issue of GamePro.

  • sanic

    Yeah saved $4.99 on knack, now we just need knack 2!

  • oh hey Grand Kingdom, I’ve had my eye on maybe getting this one day but just haven’t.

  • Uncle Ocelot



  • Nanashi

    Eh, I liked the story well enough. It was like an ever so slightly more sophisticated Saturday morning cartoon, so it felt weirdly nostalgic to me.

  • Nanashi

    Ooo, Rime. That’s a game I’ve had my eye on, but could never justify getting it at the prices offered.

    Free is an agreeable price in my view.