David Jaffe’s Game Studio Hit With Layoffs and Next Project Cancelled After Publisher Cuts Off Funding

In a sad turn of events, we’ve learned veteran and legendary game developer David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) has confirmed big layoffs at his indie studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. What’s more, the project they were working on has been cancelled, all of which a result of their publisher cutting off funding.

Wanted y’all to hear it from me before anyone else: we’ve had a project canceled and have been forced to lay off the vast majority of the Bartlet Jones staff gaming division,” Jaffe said on Twitter. “More news to come but for now, that’s what’s up. Heart’s breaking for the amazingly talented crew that’s out of work :(.”

The studio was developing their next game with a contract from an unconfirmed publisher until this past Monday, upon which they cut off funding to the staff and their project. Jaffe declined to comment on what kind of game they were making, but he did confirm the decision was made after their publisher money was cut off.

“That was the vast majority of where we were getting our funding from,” Jaffe said to Kotaku. “When they pulled the plug, we were forced to do layoffs.” Now the studio only employs seven of its former two dozen employees.

While it remains unclear what the future for Jaffe’s studio looks like, the studio boss posted a ten minute video to Twitter saying “the last days of Bartlet Jones?!?”, where he touches base with the remaining staff, talk up their options – and of course, talk up the “new NeoGAF,” also known as ResetEra.

Jaffe did say the remaining staff will be paid for a few weeks, during which they’ll kick around a new game project and see how it pans out – as well as its funding.

Our best wishes to Jaffe and his studio – we really liked Drawn to Death and hope their new project, whatever it is, can turn out well.

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  • Mr0303

    It’s always a shame to see a studio closing. Drawn to Death had some cool ideas, but the implementation was very questionable.

    Also Jaffe should know better – the new NeoGAF is the same as the old NeoGAF.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    maybe he could bitch about another High School Prom picture as a last ditch effort

  • Feniks


    There are some good OT threads and some of that community is alright but you have to wade through the SJW and normalfags.

  • CZ

    Harsh, but let’s be real here, you’re not an independent studio if you taken publishes money, and are dependent on it!
    And because of that you’re open and vulnerable to their whims, instead of actually being independent and genuinely self reliant.

  • Mr0303

    Then why bother?

  • CZ

    Who wants to take a guess which undisclosed studio cut him loose?

  • sir forde

    Drawn to death had almost nobody playing at launch. It was free for ps plus that month and I found 4 players in the first two weeks online

  • lucben999

    The issue is that the mods in ResetEra are the exact same people who banned anyone who rejected SJW dogma back in NeoGAF. The forum was created from the ground up as a continuation of the politicized circlejerk they had going on in NeoGAF, only without Evilore.

    And speaking of SJWs, I wonder if the sudden cutting of funding has anything to do with Jaffe’s appearances in the Honey Badger podcast and some SJW finding out.

  • bimmyz


  • PChandler

    Super happy to hear when life gives the middle finger to massive douchebags like Jaffe and Cliffy. B

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    That isn’t one of the good threads, is it?


    ‘Cause I’ll never get that time back.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    I’m gonna misconstrue his comment as “the world needs ass sliders too”.

  • Donwel

    It’s been a decent couple of years for that to be fair.

  • Donwel

    “Jaffe’s appearances in the Honey Badger podcast”
    What? When was this?

  • That’s what he gets for leaving Sony just to make his shitty indie game Sony exclusive.

  • lucben999

    He showed up twice in 2016 that I remember. Just search David Jaffe in the HoneyBadgerRadio channel on youtube and it will show up.

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    And there won’t be true equality unless they jiggle too.

  • Donwel

    Huh, I didn’t know that. I’ll have to give it a look, thanks dude.

  • Travis Touchdown

    >has a publisher


  • ProfessorFluffy

    I kind of imagine the company was always facing financial issues. Drawn to Death likely was a PSN+ free game on launch because they needed money badly to pay their bills and salaries. Having cashed out so quickly on that game, it’s easy to see that company would be unable to stay open without publisher funding at that point.

  • McSuperNigger

    who cares his games suck and he has a child like mind

  • Bret Hart

    Are you telling me SJW’s just complain on the internet and don’t buy the games that caters directly to them? Whoever would of seen that coming!

  • Z3DH

    I like the studio name, if nothing else.