Sega Announces Mecha-Action Game Border Break for PlayStation 4

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Sega has announced they’re bringing their mecha-action arcade series Border Break to PlayStation 4.

The new game is simply titled Border Break, and it will launch in Japan for PS4 sometime this year as a free-to-play title with in-game microtransactions. Featured above, you can view the debut trailer for the new game. The game’s opening theme song is done by composer Hiroyuki Sawano.

Finally, an open beta is planned for next month, with the beta client set to be ready for download on February 1st around noon Japan time, via the PlayStation Store. The actual schedule includes times from:

  • February 3rd from 3 PM to 9 PM Japan time
  • February 4th from 3 PM to 9 PM Japan time
  • February 17th from 3 PM to 9 PM Japan time
  • February 18th from 3 PM to 9 PM Japan time

A retail version is planned and it will contain extra bonuses, considering the fact that it will be the paid version of the release. Players can expect the game to include ten-on-ten high-speed mecha battles that can take place across a multitude of map types. Curiously, the game supports both DualShock 4 and mouse control as playable methods.

There are four types of weapons to customize your mecha with, including: assault, heavy, raid, and support. There are also four types of game modes to play, including: story, CPU/bot match, player-versus-player, and ranked.

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  • Mr0303

    “as a free-to-play title with in-game microtransactions” – and into the trash it goes.

  • ActivistZero

    Cool, a giant robot game
    “free-to-play title with in-game microtransactions”
    So close Sega

  • Psichaos

    >Border Break

    Oh great, the Mexicans are building Tequila Gundam to breach Trump’s Yuge Wall.

  • A cool game like this is relegated to the FTP model.

    *lip smack* What a shame.

  • Feniks

    Yeah I would gas a colony for a mecha game. But not like this.

  • Matz

    That would be great, I’d gladly cross illegally and get deported if that means that I can pilot a mecha on a daily basis

  • Jared Bellow

    >Border Break
    >Free to play
    We need to build a wall.

  • PChandler

    Looks like a weebo version of Armored Core. Sad!

  • Jared Bellow

    The Trump is strong in this thread.

  • Casszune

    At first I thought OH SHIT SEGA’S FINALLY BRINGING THE GOOD SHIT but no it’s just being ported to PS4s over there.

    Seriously SEGA makes more than sonic shit and nostalgic ports but it stays overseas.

  • Grampy_Bone

    There really should be more mecha games. Too bad it looks like freemium crap.

  • No_Good_Names_Ever

    “What if Phantasy Star and Armored Core fucked: The Game”; robots look like giant CASTs.

  • Mr0303

    A pay wall? And we’ll make Sega pay for it?

  • Eli Wintercross

    I see loot boxes…. No thanks Sega.

  • Sega stop pushing this microtransaction bullshit!

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    It’s punishment for not buying the Dreamcast. Just like NetherRealm is punishing people for not buying and mocking MK in the early ’00s.

  • SLoWMoTIoN🥑

    I’d rather play the new Virtual On that is jap only. (free demo with 13 characters if you want to try it)

  • SLoWMoTIoN🥑

    The South will never rise again.

  • FrankieL

    Did all you guys miss the part that a full retail version is planned? Don’t want F2P, then get the retail edition. Jeez. And who’s to say the the F2P version will even be released in the West, let alone the game in any form at all?

  • Anon630


  • Jared Bellow

    Can we also deport the Sonic friends?

  • badboykilla187

    Why can’t is be virtua on instead

  • Armored Core is already Weebshit bruh,